Top tips for internal grants

Excellent advice here – it is really important that any internal funding applications are taken seriously. Whether you are successful or not they can be an excellent way of learning how to write or refine applications.

As suggested do ask for feedback. This is not only important for the applicant but it also helps to hold the internal panel and processes to account. Transparency in these schemes is really important so do get feedback and learn what you can do better next time. And of course there will be times when there is nothing fundamentally wrong with your application but the money simply runs out. If that is the case then work with your research office to look for alternative funding schemes.

The Research Whisperer

Reza profile crop - smallDr Reza Mohammed is Senior Coordinator, Research Development, in the Research Office at RMIT University, Australia.

He leads a team that manages the University’s research-related professional development program for staff, its Early Career Researcher Network, and many of its internal research funding schemes.

Before transitioning to research administration, Reza held positions in academia, industry, and conservation education.

Read the guide(lines) | Photo by Reza MohammedRead the guide(lines) | Photo by Reza Mohammed

Many universities allocate funding to support research collaborations, research projects, and travel fellowships.

As public funding for research decreases annually, competition for internal funding becomes increasingly fierce.

The pros and cons of internal funding are discussed in another Research Whisperer post, and I want to talk about how to win internal grants.

If you’re a researcher wanting to increase your chances of success, lean in close so I can share my top five tips with you.

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